Hello! I am Carlos, the Guardian of the Forest and I am always there to make sure everything in the bookshop is in perfect order. I ensure that the books do not get damaged, that the shady leaves are always nice and fresh, that the dreamcatchers only capture positive dreams. Bad dream get snared in spiders' webs and will disappear at dawn.

One day, a wise old owl told me how Solidarity meant sharing with others both material and spiritual things. I spent a few days thinking about what my friend the owl had said and I had an idea, why not make a Solidarity Basket which travelled from one place to another sharing out books, illusion and dreams. I called the inhabitants of the forest together to explain my idea to them and they all agreed. And that is how the Solidarity Basket came about.

When you have a book you want to share and it is in perfect condition, leave it in the Solidarity Basket and I will make sure it reaches its new destination.

Little by little our Solidarity Basket is filling up with books, illusion and dreams which our friends have donated to other children who are not so well off, so they can read and enjoy them too.