Fairy Lucia was born in the Forest of Words, a magical place full of fantasy where goblins, elves, fairies and as many different animals as you can imagine live.

Her house is at the tip top of a thousand year old oak tree. It is a special place full of story books and games, where you can submerge into a world of fantasy, adventure and illusion.

When dusk falls, fireflies cover all the branches of the trees and the forest shines with light. This is when Fairy Lucia's friends hurry round to sit next to the bonfire at the foot of her tree. This is when she reads them a lovely, amusing bedtime story.

One day Lucia had a great idea; she wanted to share her books with all the girls and boys. So she opened her own bookshop in a clearing in the forest, next to a waterfall.

A place where she could read, have fun and share the magic of books with all the children and their mums and dads.

Fairy Lucia wants all girls and boys to be able to listen to her stories, so when she tells a tale there is always a sign language interpreter there to show us that all children can enjoy books.

We will learn together that there are many ways to communicate.

Would you like to visit us? Follow the clover leaves!